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Stradivari 1714 "Jackson" Exceptional Violins Series

  Rent Here on Vimeo! Say hello to a whole new way of experiencing and enjoying violin music! This streaming project is the result of my dream of recording on one of the top violins in the world, an exquisite golden age period Stradivari violin from 1714 also know as the “Jackson” Strad.   It’s nice to be able to make a living doing something you care about especially these days when Concert Halls are closed and there are so few opportunities to share our music with live audiences. The selections you will hear are my favorite pieces from the violin solo repertoire. We live in the age of great technological achievements. So great in fact, that a large majority of the releases we see and hear these days are spliced, edited, digitally manipulated to such a degree that often times it resembles very little of the original track. It’s really the standard of the day and it shouldn’t surprise anyone.   I decided to do the opposite and what you’ll hear on these recordings are straight out of th

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